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Increase your sales performance without the need for more

work, time, employees or marketing

Custom AI lead scraping and Automated B2B lead generation across email and LinkedIn to get you appointments with the right customers effortlessly.

Effective solutions,
powered by AI

What do we offer in the world of AI & Automation?

AI Lead Scraping

Tired of scraping bad leads? Using our AI scraper we obtain thousands of high quality leads, enrich them, clean them and verify all data. Leaving you with a perfect list of leads to reach.


We automate lead generation & conversion as well as systems and process across your business.

B2B Lead Generation

We automate your outbound and leverage superior cold outreach strategies to book appointments. Stop wasting money on ads and start generating qualified leads that matter at a fraction of the price.

Periodic Consulting

Our team of experts work closely to analyse your processes, create custom fit strategies and integrate Automation & AI to help you achieve your KPI's.

We seamlessly build and launch your AI solutions

Unorthodox creates bespoke chatbots, enables intelligent business automations, and customizes AI platforms. We’re committed to transforming business operations and customer interactions through personalized, efficient, and intelligent AI applications.

We seamlessly build and launch your AI solutions

Automationmkrs creates bespoke AI assistants, enables intelligent business automations, with customised AI strategies. We’re committed to transforming business operations and customer interactions through personalised, efficient, and intelligent AI workflows.

How it works


Client disovery workshop

We need to know more about your business, how you work, what's consuming time and what your goals are. etc.

Structure and recommendations

Our team will then build a custom AI & Automation plan structured around the bottlenecks of your business.


Deployment and integration

After approval, our team will then begin to develop your solutions and integrate them into your business remotely.


Automate your business with the help of industry experts

Automationmkrs’s AI services enhance efficiency with swift, error-free automation, responsive AI assistants for 24/7 customer engagement, and seamless integration of custom AI platforms within existing systems.

Smart prices for all types of businesses

All of our packages are subject to a discovery call with the team to identify if we can help you with your project. Clients from any region are welcomed. 

AI Assistants

Looking to automate your customer support, lead conversion or FAQ’s?

AI Automations

Looking to bring automation into your business?

Periodic Consulting

Looking to get the perfect strategy mapped across your departments and integrated?

What clients say about us

We pride ourselves on our clients success, we work with businesses all over the world.

“We were dealing with a lot of outdated processes & needed a revamp. They helped our sales process get on track and automated our customer support. Good guys”

Paul Willby


“We were very pleased to get a free process analysis and plan to go along with it. We’ve now got our sales & CRM on near autopilot. 

Adrian Mattson

Operations Manager

“I got the AI lead conversion system set up and couldn’t be more satisfied. Our conversion rate increased & our show up rate is much better now.”

Francis Geradson


“the new and improved workflows are saving me and my team time a great amount of time everyday. Our problem was with client onboarding and documentation. All of which has been cut down and things are more relaxed.”

Ann Marie Becker


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